About The Gamer Evolution

The Gamer Evolution is a 30-minute news documentary, written and hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Smith. Through the documentary, many myths and stereotypes associated with being a gamer are examined in an attempt to discover the truth. Much of the current stereotypes associated with being a gamer are the result of negative stories in the various news-media, and often those are the only stories about gamers available to the public. Through this investigation, the truth of the 21st century gamer is exposed and the stereotypes debated and resolved. Over the last several decades, being a gamer has evolved, as has gaming itself. This is the story of The Gamer Evolution.




Written and Hosted by

Jeffrey S. Smith


Produced by

Jeffrey S. Smith

Rick Sykes


On-Line Edited by

Eric Limarenko


Off-Line Edited by

Ben Tigner


Cinematography by

Justin DuPrekel

Nick Kuiper

Eric Mithamo

Rick Sykes


Original Open and Close Music by

Roger “Buddy” Allman

Jeffrey S. Smith


Additional Music provided by freeplay.com


Sound and Graphics by

Jeffrey S. Smith

Eric Limarenko


Visual Effects and

Post-Production by

Ben Tigner

Eric Limarenko


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